Monday, July 12, 2010

Ancona : A good white egg layer chicken

Ancona chicken is a famous chicken in United States. It domesticated at Ancona, Italy. This Mediterranean bird is a game bird, or ornamental bird. Like their brother in Italy, Leghorn, this bird is slim. Both Ancona and leghorn has same ancestors. It has closely feather. The bird has been imported to England in mid 19th century. US people called the bird as mottled leghorn because they did not know Ancona.

The color of bird is black dark. Some bird has mottled black color. It has a red single comb, while the cock has bigger than the female. There is a white spot behind the ear or earlobes. Some Ancona has rose comb.

Ancona male is 6.6 lbs in weight; while, the male is 4.5 lbs. The bantam is smaller. Ancona bantam cock is 26 oz; while, the hen is 22 0z.

The shank and feet is black in color and featherless. The toe of the breed is four like most chicken (three in front and one in back). The cock has long flowing tail.

This bird is prolific chicken too. The hen can lay 150 - 190 eggs a year. The eggs is white color. Some hen also lay hint color eggs. This is the good layer that can still lay in the winter.You can consider this bird as layer.


  1. I"ve never had anconas. I had an Americuana rooster once, but I gave it away. I'd like to get some green egg layers, though.

  2. Americuana is an unique breed because it lays green eggs. Thanks for the comment