Monday, June 14, 2010

How to sex quail

Unlike domestic fowl, quail is very different. It has no clear sexual dimorphism sign. That is why common people are difficult to sex a quail. Sexing the chick is more difficult than the mature quail.

Sexing is important for quail breeder because it can fail the breeder. Some breeder cannot breed the quail because they cannot sex the quail.

There are some guidance to sex the bird. Here the sign:
1. The hen is bigger than the cock.
2. Sometimes the cock squawk "Ko-turn-neex". The hen sound is not loud as the cock
3. There is a"ball" or glandular inside cloaca quail.You can see by opening the cloaca gently. 
4. The color of the cock is more beautiful than the female. The throat and breast color of mature cock is cinnamon or rusty brown. Off course, we cannot sex if the cock is albino.
5. The cock is actively move but the hen is calm.

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