Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to raise quail for meat

In six week rising, we can slaughter the quail. This bird provides delicious and fully nutrient meat fast. I think it is good for backyard pet. You can make money through this activity. Sell the quail meat to neighbors, store or you can sell it through Amazon or eBay.

Raise the bird is not difficult too. The bird is strong and immune from some fowl diseases.

1. Provide pen the brooder cage for the quail chick. You can buy the day old quail in eBay. Provide light for the quail too. 

2. If you cannot buy baby quail, you can hatch it. Buy the incubator machine and the fertile eggs. The hatch process takes 15-17 days. Let the chick stay for one day in the incubator.

3. Feed them with starter quail food (0-4 weeks). Then feed them with grower quail food (4-6 weeks)

4 Clean the cage periodically. Disinfectant the pen if necessary.

1. Choose the right breed. Japanese quail can grow fast in six week; meanwhile the Bob white need eight week.
2. The light should be hot enough so the quail can growth. The lack of heat can bar the quail growth.
3. Separates the sick chick from other chick.

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