Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to feed quail

Feeding quail is not difficult. This bird is easy eater. My uncle just feed them with mixture of rice and bran. He was success to raise a group of  quail that contain one cock and three hen. If you want to raise quail, you should think about quail feed. It needs enough nutrition for its growth. 

A quail can eat 14-18 gram feed a day. You can feed them with Turkey starter, game bird starter or other starter. For the layer, you should provide calcium rich food like lime stone and grit. Calcium is very essential for layer because the hen lay egg which is contained calcium. The hen throws much calcium everyday.

You can buy the quail feed at poultry shop or pet shop. Alternatively, you can buy through online. There are so many website that provides it.

There are some steps to feed your quail:

1. Provide feeder and waterer. Both tools should be clean. Clean it permanently. Do not let the moss make your waterer green.

2. Put the quail food at the feeder only half full so the quail cannot spoil the food.  The spoil feed make the pen dirty and stinky.The dirty pen can invite the fowl diseases.

3. Put some water to waterer. You can add vitamin or supplement.
4. You can feed the quail twice a day: morning and afternoon.

Buy the good quality food for your quail.
Storage the food at dry place.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I enjoy my chickens. Right now I have 34 chickens and roosters and 17 chicks and babies. I will sell some at the market this summer. I crossed a silkie rooster with a mixed bantam hen. The chicks are cool looking. I like that vulturine guinea. I'd love to have some of those to eat bugs out of the garden. See you around!