Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Blue Sumatra - Very rare Chicken

Sumatra is recognized as the show Chicken in The United States whose has black beautiful plumage. The other uniqueness of the chicken is the multi spurs or the chicken has more than one spur. The tail is also long that touch the land or long flowing tail like crescent shape. The chicken is also graceful carriage.
The head is smalls and has black and red face. There is a small pea comb at the top of its head. The earlobes color is dark tinted.
There are not difference that black to the blue Sumatra unless its plumage. To be honest I have never know the blue variant of the Sumatra. The American Standard Perfection in 2002 also recognizes the Blue as the variant of the Sumatra Chicken.  The blue is very rare color variant.  I believe we must be difficult to find the blue at the origin. I have never found it at my village. By the way my village is north Sumatra.
The plumage is blue that cover the chicken. The color is almost similar to grey.  Sometimes we can also the splash color that is almost similar to the Blue. The Blue rosters weigh 5 lbs while, the hen weigh 4lbs.  The younger rosters or cockerel weigh 4 lbs while the pullet is 3 ½ lbs in weigh. The chicken is bad meat producer.  
The blue lays tinted eggs. Like the black the blue also does not lays many eggs. I think the egg production is not more than 60 a years.
Perhaps the blue is black Sumatra and white Sumatra cross. I do not know exactly about it. We do not recognize the white variation. I believe in Sumatra there is white plumage variation. My mother had raise a white Sumatra hen that has so much chick.

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