Friday, October 23, 2015

Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl Pigeon: The Exhibit Bird From Aachen

The bird is also the rock pigeon descent or Columba livia. The bird comes from Aachen, German.  Since Aachen not far from Dutch, the bird may be related to Dutch Turbit. Either Aachen or Dutch has plain headed.
Actually, the bird is a flying pigeon but they turn as the exhibit bird or show bird. The bird performance is similar to rock pigeon especially its size. The bird has small crested that is actually a small frill neck. The foot color is read without feather or clean legged. 

They have short beak that similar to quail. Upper the beak, there is a small wattle that color is pink.  The beak reminds me to Tumbler pigeon that can fly acrobat in the sky.
The color pattern is like magpie. The plumage color is all white except its wing shield. The variation of wing shield color is   black, yellow, and red. There is no duns color. Perhaps the breeder does not like the duns variation. The size is medium or around 330 gram that as height as Columba livia or rock pigeon.
The bird is very rare in United States. Perhaps the bird has no special characters that attract the hobbyist. The bird has just beautiful plumage only. I do not know whether the bird is also has beautiful sound.
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