Monday, August 31, 2015

Brahma chicken : Heavy chicken from India

The chicken origin is Brahmaputra River, India. United States develop the bird become the large class chicken that has heavyweight. Roosters weigh 5.5 kilogram (12 pound), while the hens weigh 4.5 kilogram (9.9 pound). Beside as the meat producer, a Brahma hen is also a good winter layer. The egg’s weigh 55-60 g approximately. The color of the egg shell is brown. 

The Brahma is massive, stately and with upright carriage. They have short back. When standing, they almost appear to form V.
The head is large and has a small pea comb. The have double wattle and red earlobes.  
The color that United States standard accepted is light, buff, and dark. The Australia standard recognizes other color of Brahma such as, black, blue, barred, and crele. Brahma is also available in Bantam version which is smaller than the standard.
The chicken is tame and they want you to hold them. The are good at the free range.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

What is benefit raise the pit cock?

As an animal lover, I do not want to use the roosters for cock pit because it is against humanity. The rooster suffered after the fighting. Some roster died after the fighting. That is why some country forbids the cock fighting. In my country, the cock fighting is also forbidden but some chicken owners do it at the hidden place. They do not want police caught them.    

I have also raised some pit cock but I have never used it as cock pit. I use the big cock pit as the male that can fertilize some female. The descendent of cocks fight is bigger than the common chicken. The cock pit usually has broad breast. The breeder in my country also crosses the chicken with various landarace chickens.
The descendent may big as the pit cock but it is also aggressive. To reduce the aggressiveness, we raise the chicken at the free range.
In United States and United Kingdom, people do not raise the game chicken as the cock fight but as show bird. The feather of the chicken is very beautiful.  


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

White earlobe’s chicken lays white eggs

My father said that the chicken that has white earlobes lays white egg shell. I thought it was true because some white earlobe’s chicken lays white eggs. For example, the famous chicken layer hen Leghorn which has white earlobes lays white shell eggs.
I also read that some white earlobes chicken lays white eggs such as houdan, campine, and else. I thought that my father was right. Then, I search some article chicken to make sure. I remember that the red Jungle fowl (Gallus Gallus) does not lay white eggs but brown. The red jungle fowl also has white earlobs.
The earlobes color of the chicken is not same to the egg shelled, meaning it is not a sign of the egg shell. The chicken that lays brown eggs has no brown earlobes. The Ameraucana that lays green or blue shelled egg also has no blue or green earlobes.
In my country people do not like white egg shell. They are prefer to brown color than the whte. That is why chicken farmer in my country do not raise white leghorn. They raise Hissex or Rhode Island as the layer hen.

My mother always cut the tail before release the chicken

My mother is a good chicken farmer. When she was young, she had hundreds local race chicken. When she has not money he sold some chicken. I never doubt her because she is a good chicken farmer. He raised also dozen Indian runner duck at the backyard that lays eggs everyday.
Sometimes she buys some chicken to add the chicken population at the backyard. Before she releases it to the free range, she cut the tail of the chicken. The chicken look weird after my mother cut it. Fortunately the tail grow and it better than before.
She said that the chicken will back to the house. Of course, I never believe it because it is just a suggestion. The chicken will back to the house as long we provide it with the enough chicken food. We also guarantee the security of the chicken house or pen.  
We do not have to believe that cutting the tail make your chicken recognize its home. However, cutting the tail will make your chicken “more beautiful” 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Five Toes Chicken

How many the chicken toes? We must answer four. The chicken contain four toes that three in front and one at the back. Those toes are useful to find the food at the soil.    Many years ago, I have ever seen some chicken has five toes that is different to common chicken. My neighbor who also the chicken trades has at least five roosters which have five toes. The chicken is a landrace chicken which is also the Red Jungle Fowl Gallus Gallus descendant and the Rhode Island.
The chicken is not similar to ancestor because the red and the Rhode has four toes only. Perhaps the mutation occurs in the chicken. However, some chicken class has five toes such as :
1. Silky Chicken
The beautiful soft plumage chicken comes from Chinese. The chicken color is white, black, and partridge. Some breeders also produce the grey and blue variant. The Chicken has five toes. Some chicken has feathered shanks, but some others are not. 
2. Feverolles
The chicken is so large. Beside its beard, the chicken also has five toes. The chicken is big like Rhode Island redthat is raise for its meats or eggs
3. Dorking
The chicken from Britain but it is developed at German. The Dorking color is grey, silver, white and others. The chicken has five toes and it is a good meat producer.
4. Houdan
This is a uniquely chicken from French that is descendant so much chicken such as Dorking, Silky and Polish. The chicken has backward flowing crest up front its head. The size chicken is mid size. They have five toes like its ancestors silky and Dorking. The bird is raised as a show bird. 
5. Sultans
The chicken comes from Turkey that has five toes. The chicken has crest like the Poland Chicken. It

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Modern game fowl the unusual game fowl from Britain

When you see this chicken you must be surprised because it looks like a bird rather than a chicken. The chicken has longer feet like heron which has long feet. The body is also slim. I wonder the bird can fly for far but the weight is heavy enough. The rosters can reach 3,2 - 4,1 kilogram in weight; while the hen weigh 2,25 – 3,2 kilogram.
The chicken is completely for show only though the bird has heavy body. The egg is so poor so people do not raise the fowl as egg layer.  According to the competition, the good modern should have iron-flat body shape, a relatively short back, fine tail, hard feathering, and a very upright carriage.
The color of modern is red black, birchen, brown red, duckwing and pyle. There are two variation of the modern: one the red eye with darl feet and others is the dark eye with dark feet. Like the game fowl, the bird has red to mulberry comb, wattles, skin.
The bird is also an ancestor of Serama Chicken beside silkie and Japanese Bantam. The Serama get the broad chest from the Modern.