Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to breed pigeon

Pigeon is a prolific bird that can grow fast. The bird can lay six times in a year, meaning, the bird can produce 12 chicks in a year. The bird can provide fresh meat every two month. 

Before preparing to breed the bird, you have to find a pair of pigeon. It is not difficult to find a mate of pigeon.  Then, you must provide them a pen where their live. Notice that the pair of pigeon must be mature. Find six month old pigeon. The breed depends on your want or need. You can choose utility pigeon or you can choose   homing pigeon. You have better to choose the similar breed of pigeon. For example, you are better to mate the fancy with the fancy.

Beside pen, you have to provide bowl. The bird will find the nest from hay, grass, tobacco stamp, pine needles, and so many). Before lay eggs, the pair of pigeon will find the material nest. Then, they together build the nest.

The hen lays the eggs. And together will keep the eggs. Sometimes the male hatch the eggs and the hen can hatch too. After two weeks or 14 days, the eggs will hatch. Either the male or female feed the chick with the pigeon milk that comes from its crop. The parents eat the seed and the grain and then feed it to the chicks. Both parents will raise the chicks for month only. They can lays the eggs again.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Silver Arabian Chicken: The Braekel and Leghorn hybrid

In my country people knows the Arabian Chicken that produce abundant eggs. A hen of Arabian chicken can lay at least 160 to 250 eggs a year. It is better than the other native landrace. That is why the farmer love the chicken. The egg is more expensive than the common egg. The farmer sells as the kampong egg. People loves kampong egg because more health than the common eggs. The size is also small and it is free from the chicken medicine. People use is as traditional medicine. People believe that the body will be health when you eat so much kampong eggs. My brother in law, eat six kampong eggs when he feel tired. This chicken characteristic is similar to the Braekel rather than Leghorn. The sickle feather at neck is silver in color. The entire color of feather is black with silver laced. The characteristic of the chicken is very nervous. The chicken can fly for short distances. The chicken comb is single. The hen has also large comb but is smaller than the rooster. The pullet began lays at six month. To me the bird is also beautiful and the size is almost similar to bantam chicken. I want raise the chicken one day.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Plumed Guinea Fowl

THe bird come from Central and eastern Africa. The habitat of the bird is primary forest. The bird is a family of the guinea fowl. The plumed is almost resemble to its brother helmeted guinea fowl. The special of plumed characters that make it different to its brother is the straighter and higher crested. The height is only 45-51 cm, weighing almost 1000 g or one kilogram The bird diet is plant and insect.Like other bird they love almost plant such as leaves, root, fruit, seed and shoots. They also love insects that they can find at forest. There are two plumed subspecies: Cameron plumed Guinea fowl and Schultz plumed guinea fowl. The western subspecies has dull-grey blue face and neck; while, the eastern has orange patches among the grey blue face and neck. read also: guinea fowl How to Sex Guinea Fowl

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thinking about peacock husbandry

We can see so many turkeys at the backyard but rarely do we find people raise peacock. We can see the peacock at zoo or some rich people. In my country, some people raise to domesticate this beautiful bird. I think it is not wrong to raise the bird at your house as long you have that large house or pen for the bird. The bird tail especially the rooster has long beautiful tail so its need the large pen. The peacock will be sick if they have small pen. We can raise the bird as the meat too. I think the size is also large like turkey and we can sell its feather. People love the roster feather because it is very beautiful.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bokhara Trumpeter

The bird must be strange due its strange looks. Behind its head, there are two crested. There are long feather on the feet. the bird almost is similar to Arabian trumpeter. the unique of the bird is its vocal. The sound like small laugh. the bird is also descendant of rock pigeon. The bird Read Also: The cropper pigeon American Giant Runt