Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why farmer does not like White leghorn?

In my country, the layer farmer does not like white leghorn though the hen could lays 300 eggs in a year. The farmer prefers the RhodeIsland Red than the leghorn because the shell of the eggs is thicker than the leghorn. It is too risky to bring the thin shell eggs in my country; reminding the transportation in our country is not good.
Most of the leghorn’s eggs have broken when the wholesaler brought the eggs to the market. Perhaps the bad road has broken the eggs.
Second, the consumer also does not like white shell eggs. They prefer the brown shell eggs than the white. I do not why? Perhaps we should research why people loves the brown eggs than the white eggs.
Though people do not like the leghorn, some chicken lover also seeks the leghorn especially the Bekisar Farmer. The farmer crosses the green jungle fowl male to the leghorn hen to produce white Bekisar.

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