Thursday, February 28, 2013

The difference Goose and Swan

Both Goose and swan is wetland bird or waterfowl. They can swim well in lake or river. The beak is also similar, which is wide.  Both waterfowl also has similar shanks to that help them swim in water.  However, both waterfowl are different
Swan is wild wetland bird so they are free to fly. They use to migrate in winter to find warm land. They cannot live in winter due it lack of food.  Its wide wing supports them to fly for long distance. The wing span is long, about 3 meters. The swan is also bigger than swan, height 1.5 meters and weighing 15 kilogram. The name of male swan is Cob and he female is pen. The female will hatch the eggs for 21 days lonely without the cob aid. The cob only helps the pen to build the nest from straw.
Goose is a domesticated waterfowl. People raise it for is meat. The goose also we recognize that the goose has longer neck but it is shorter than the swan. They do no migrate like swan because they have warm house and the owner provide the food supply for them. The goose used to eat such as grains, poultry feed, vegetable, and weed. Sometimes hey also eat some leaves too.
Goose is not heavy as swan as, ranging from 7 kilograms to 9 kilograms. They also can fly like goose. Its weighs span is only 1.5 meters or half of swan's wing span.
The male goose is gander while the female goose is goose. Both gander and goose hatch the eggs for 28 days. The goose will raise the duckling until they can find the food alone.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Difference organic eggs and free range eggs

People tend to back to nature, by consuming the organic product including egg. The organic eggs are believed free from chemical and antibiotics residue that harm for human body. In long term the chemical can defect vital organ such heart, lever, and kidney.
That is why people prefer organic rather than common eggs. However, some people criticize to the organic product because it is not organic that as people think. People think that organic eggs lay from hen that is free from antibiotics. However, USDA tolerates the antibiotics as long it is limited. In Russia, the organic egg lays from the hen that is free from antibiotics.
In USA, the hen for organic eggs should out from the cage at least five minutes a day.  I think it is no enough for hen stay for five minutes only. They should out at least for six hours a day so hey can eat the organic food outside. I do not know whether the organics egg farm use organic chicken feed or commercial food. Supposedly, the government forbids commercial food for organic chicken. They should make the chicken food from cereal, mineral, and others.
If you do no sure to organic chicken in supermarket, you have to buy egg free range chicken. The eggs must be better than the organic chicken. The free range rarely uses the antibiotics to increase the immunity. The farmer will not use it. They just slaughter the chicken that goes sick.
The chicken in free range just eats the seed such as corn, oat, sorghum, and paddy. The owner does no feed the chicken with vitamin and others. Sometimes the owner also feed them with vegetables and fruit. The chicken in free range live happier than chicken in eggs.
Check also the environment of free range chicken. The environment should health too. The eggs from the polluted area must be bad too. The bad water also influences the quality of the eggs. The polluted area also influences the grass and weeds, which are also the chicken food. The polluted grass can harm for the chicken. After the chicken eats the polluted grass, the residue will stay in its body and it also pollutes the chicken eggs too.
You can also build free range chicken if you have large backyard. Ten hens can provide three eggs a day. I think it is enough for your family.
Source : Healthynewage
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