Thursday, December 22, 2011

Famous utility pigeon breed

Pigeon is a famous bird in the world. Some people raise the bird as a game bird. It can fly high and fast. Beside those purpose, they can provide delicious meat for people. In my opinion, the meat is more delicious than the chicken. That is why the meat is more expensive than chicken meat.

A pigeon hen can lay two eggs in a clutch. Both hen and cock hatch the eggs in 14 days. The parents raise the chick until it can fly. You can separate the chick from the parent at one month or thirty days age.

Some region has developed a utility pigeon breed. Most of them are rock dove (Columba Livia) descendant. The breeder has selected the heaviest and full deep breast pigeon for utility pigeon bird. The utility bird has no ability to fly high or fly fast like runner pigeon.

1. King

It is the best utility pigeon breed now. American breeder developed this bird from four pigeon breed such as Duchess, Homer, Runt and Maltese. A month chick weighs up to one kilogram. People slaughter it at thirty days age. The bird is very big and beyond the bantam size. The famous of King Pigeon color is white. The other color variation is brown and blue. People prefer White King because the flesh is pinkish. It has full breast and U shape body.

2. Carneau

This is a utility pigeon bird from Northern France and Southern Belgium. This bird has potential as the squab producer. This breed is smaller than King pigeon. It has big head compared to its body. The feather tail is short and narrow.

3. American Giant Runt.

It was developed in United States. The breeder has crossed some pigeon breed to get heavy utility pigeon bird. They have color variation such as white, black, dun, yellow blue, silver, brown, and more. It has full breast.

4. French Mondain

This looks fat pigeon was originated in Mondain, France. The plumage is very thick. There are two breeds of French Mondain: The American and The French. The body of the bird is round like a chicken hen. The tail is short and narrow. The head is small compared to its body. French Mondain pigeons have color variation like blue, brown, buff, white and more.

Some breeder still crossbreeds various pigeon to get heavy and delicious flesh. Someday, they will find other utility pigeon breed.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Famous dual purpose chicken breed

Since a long time ago, people have taken care of chicken for meat or egg. They get delicious chicken meat and eggs. Some farmer can invent the best chicken breed which can produce more meat and more eggs.

In the last 18th century or the beginning of 19th, some researcher have been success to develop the chicken ability. They have selected the heavy cock and productive layer hen only. The researcher also has tried to make an efficient breed that can convert the feed to meat or egg efficiently.

This breed is very heavy which weighs 9.5 pound and the female weighs 6.5 pound. The hen can lay up to 250 eggs per year. It is brown and red in color. It is originated in Rhode Island, United States. The ancestor of Rhode Island Red is Red Jungle Fowl. Now, we can see it in South East Asia jungle.

New Hampshire is almost similar with Rhode Island Red in performance. People are difficult to difference this bird with the Rhode Island. The breeder developed this chicken from Rhode Island Red. It is red and brown color. The cock has big single comb. The hen can lay up to 250 eggs in a year. New Hampshire pullet start to lay the eggs at six month old. This breed has been recognized as a chicken breed in 1930s by American Poultry Association.

Plymouth Rock is a dual purpose chicken too. The chicken looks fat. The cock weighs 9.5 pound while; the hen weighs 6.5 pound. The hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year. The famous Plymouth Rock color is black barred. The Plymouth has other color variation such as pencil, silver, white, black and more. The cock has moderately size single comb.

Wyandotte is a dual purpose chicken breed from United States. The hen can lay up to 240 brown eggs. The cock weighs 8.5 pound; while, the hen weighs 6 pounds. They have many color variations such as black, white, blue, red laced, white laced, silver and more.

The weight of the chicken is 7-10 pounds. It is a fat chicken but it has not deep breast like Rhode Island Red. This chicken is a hybrid of three chicken breed such as Langshan, Minorca and Plymouth Rock. The hen can lays up to 200 eggs in a year. The egg is brown in color. The color of Orpington is black, red, buff, white and more.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Famous bantam chicken breed

Bantam is a small chicken or dwarf chicken. It is shorter than common chicken. People care this bird not for meat and eggs. It produces few meat and few eggs. They care this bird for ornamental bird, or game bird.
There are some famous bantam breeds, such as:

Japanese Bantam (Chaebo)

It is a famous bantam from Japan. In shogun era, only Japanese aristocrats cared the chicken. It is only 20-30 cm height. The cock weighs 30 oz; while, the hen weighs 22 oz. The color of Chaebo is white, white black tail, buff, and others.

Dutch Bantam (Hollandse Krielsen)

It is originated in Dutch. The Dutch sailor brought the chicken from Java Island. They have many color variation such as partridge, lavender, black, white, grey, and others. It has red single comb. Averagely cocks weigh 550 grams and hens weigh 450 grams.

Silky bantam (Silkie)

Silkie is a bantam from Chinese. The hen can lays up to 250 eggs in a year like a commercial chicken breed. As guest its name, the chicken has soft silky feather. The silky have color variations such as white, black and buff. The white is the famous silky color.

Unlike other chicken, Silkie has blue face and earlobes. Some Silkie has crested. The color of meat is dark blue. Some people said the meat could cure some diseases. I think it is just a myth.

Sebright bantam

It was developed in England by Sir John Saunders Sebright. They have two color variation silver and golden. The cock has big red rose comb. Unlike other chicken, the cock has short tail that is similar to the hen tail. The sexual difference of the bird is the comb. The cock has bigger comb than the hen. The males weigh 22 0z (625 gram) in average; while, the females weigh 20 oz (570 g)

Belgian bantam

It is a unique bantam breed. The thick plumage covers the feet and shanks. As guest its name, this bird origin is Belgian. The bantam has thick feather below the beak or beard. They have many color variation like black, white, blue, gray, mottled, white, calico and others.

Serama Bantam

Serama is a Malaysian hybrid bantam. The ancestor of the chicken is Silkiy Bantam, Malaysian native chicken and Japanese Bantam. The bantam is the shortest chicken in the world. It weighs less than 500 gram. The price is very expensive. The price could reach thousand dollars. They have color variation such as partridge, buff, black, calico, gray and others.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tips on how to keep our chicken in rainy season

In tropical country, the rainy season is a problem for chicken lover. The rain season occurs six month in a year. The cloud often cover the sun shine; whereas, we need the shine to kill the disease in the pen or chicken feather. Some virus include avian influenza cannot stand with sun shine.
Most chicken got sick in rainy season. The diseases attack the chicken in a cage easily. The reason why the chicken got sick is the cold weather. The cage is also wet so the disease can grows at it.
To prevent the chicken from sick my aunt has tips. She used to not using medicine or vaccine. She prefers to use the traditional ways to prevent the chicken from sickness. She is a veterinary who works for government office. She raised over 350 chickens near her home.
She has a principal to keep the chicken satisfied. He provide the chicken food ad libitum.He provide the newly harvest corn grain. She provides the best food for her chicken. She also feed the chicken with paddy. I believe the fresh chicken food contain more vitamin than the old chicken food. The vitamin will decrease if you save the food on the storage the vitamin may decrease.
She also adds Vitamin B complex to the chicken drink. It may increase the chicken immunity.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

The types of Chicken Crow

What do you like from the chicken? Perhaps you like the color of feather that shining and beautiful. Some people also love the brave of the chicken. Everybody has different reason for loving the chicken.
In my opinion, I love the crow of chicken beside its meat and eggs. I love the sound of crow that wakes me at early morning. A lazy people may hate the crow and they will throw the shoes to the chicken.
Most rosters crow at early morning. Sometimes they crows at the afternoon too. Each chicken breed has different crow. Some chicken has long crow but some others has short crow. In my country, there is a chicken that crow like a people laughs. You must be surprised with the chicken. Here are the types of chicken crow:

1. The long crower
The chicken can crow longer than common chicken. In my country, Pelung Chicken can crow longer and louder. There is also long Crower from Czech

2. The Common Crower
It crows like common chicken for example, Rhode Island Red, Red Jungle Red, Bangkok Chicken, Malaysia Chicken, Vietnam chicken, Indonesia Chicken, Java, and so much. The sound is not special like the long crower.

3. Short Crower
Most Bantam crow short. In my opinion, the Bantam crows like necked chicken. Perhaps, its short body influence the duration of crowing.

4. Laughing Crower
Perhaps Only Indonesia that has laughing crower. The crow is horrible if you hear at the night. You may think the crowing is a ghost. There three types of the laughing crow, such as, popular crow, dangdut (Indonesia traditional genre song) crow, and slow dangdut.

The Roosters will began to crow at six month. It also sign that the cockerel grows up to mature. Sometimes a hen also can crow but the sound is weak.