Monday, September 12, 2011

Poultry Industry: Make The chicken Suffer?

Most people love chicken because it is delicious. The meat is soft and so juicy. With special spicy, the fried chicken becomes the delicious food. Some franchise restaurant has own fried chicken recipes.

Have you ever thought where the restaurant gets the chicken? The chicken comes from some poultry farm near the restaurant.

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The farm raises the chicken from daily old chicken to mature chicken in 60 days. The chicken could reach more than two kilogram after two months care. In my country, the farmer harvest younger chicken or forty days old age chicken. Sometimes the farmer harvests it only 30 days. In my country, people do not like heavy chicken that weighs more than two kilograms.

The life of broiler chicken is so short. Some farm also use hazardous chemical like growth hormone to grow the chicken fast. They also forced the chicken eat more so the chicken body becomes larger. The broiler chicken does not have chance to breed.

They are borne from various chicken breed at a breeder farm. The breeder hatches the eggs with large incubator box for 21 days. The broiler chicks do not recognize the mother moreover the father. The breeder put the chicks at cartoon and pick out to the farm.

If the order or chicken demand is low, the breeder often deletes the chicks. In my country, the breeder burned the chicks. I think it is very pity. The police arrested the breeder that had burn the chicks. The breeder does not want the chick price go down so they delete it. Supposedly, they hatch few eggs when the low demand. Some breeder prefers to convert the chicken to chick flour. They mix the flour with other chicken feed.

The farm acts chicken like a machine. In my country broiler destiny is far worse than United States broiler. The farmer transports the chicken with narrow bamboo cage. Sometimes the chicken is heat or get rainy. Some chicken are killed during the transportation from the farm to whole sales. The wholesales sell the chicken to the retail. The retail tied 5-10 chicken in a bunch and hang at motorcycles. It just needs around 30 minutes to the retail but the chicken must be suffered.

The layer chicken must be suffered. They live at narrow cage so they can produce more eggs. They cannot hop and run like chicken at a backyard. The fat must be abundant at the body.

The good layers usually produce 250 eggs a day. If a chicken cannot produce as much as the farmer expected, the chicken would be slaughter or sell. It is loss to raise the chicken while, the farmer still feed with expensive chicken feed.

After two or two half years, the layer chicken production decreases. The farmer should sell the chicken or slaughter the chicken.

Chicken was born to provide meat and eggs for human being. However, the human should be wise to chicken. They should notice the chicken welfare and respect the chicken right.
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