Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to attract pigeon to your pigeon house

To raise your pigeon, you can attract other pigeon to your house pigeon. There are enormous pigeon at your environment. They may prefer to stay at your pigeon house if there is a room and enough food.
We can raise the pigeon in short time by inviting some wild pigeon. It is cheaper than buying a new pigeon. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Build a pigeon house with so many rooms. The loss bird may stay at the empty room.

2. Release your pigeon at somewhere. They may attract wild pigeon to stay at your pigeon house. Your pigeon is your sales marketing that promotes your pigeon house.

3. Build a comfort sanctuary for the pigeon. Feed the pigeon enough or they will leave your pigeon house.  Do not make loud noise near the pigeon. They will run from your house soon. 
Some highflier may stay at your cage. In my country, the high flier often mad to the pigeon house owner because their bird perch on the house. The high flier owners often revenge to the pigeon house owner. Sometimes they throw pigeon head to expel all pigeon. They hope the pigeon run from the house. My neighbors have thrown the pigeon head to the pigeon, but the pigeon is still there.
He tried to stealth some eggs. The bird was still in there. It is difficult to expel those birds.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shepherd Alabio Duckat a Borneo Swamp

 Borneo people who live at Alabio municipal, Indonesia raise the duck at swamp, river, and rice field. They shepherd the duck at river. They can also shepherd the duck at paddy field when the paddy has no seed. The duck will determine the snail from the rice field. The farmer use raft to shepherd it. In the water, they can eat some little fish, shrimp, and others. The water is essential for the duck where they can bath or find food.
If the sun set, the duck should be home. The shepherd directs the duck to its pen. They use long bamboo to slap the water so the duck can go home. Sometimes a duck separate from the colony. The shepherd who also rafts man will find the duck and direct to the colony. The shepherd must be a clever man and he can shepherd hundreds duck.
The duck must need shepherd to protect them from predator such as hawk or snake head. A big snakehead could eat and bit small duck.
The duck pen usually not far from the river. The owner put the ladder to water so the duck can enter through the ladder. The owner feed the duck sago and snail. They crunch the snail with the machine.
In South Borneo, Duck is the popular pet. People like its meat and eggs. The duck is a good business in South Borneo. There is some restaurant that provides roasted duck or Kari duck.
The Breeder business also grows so its hatching business. Unlike other farmer, Alabio people do not use incubator or duck. They use paddy skin to hatch the eggs. The heat of paddy skin could hatch the eggs. They do not need electric or incubator machine.
The buyer of the duckling is other duck farmers or snakehead fisher. The snakehead use duckling to attract the snakehead. Certainly, the fisher will not sacrifice the duckling. After the fisher see the fish, The fisher use other worm as the bait.
The duck that is raised by Alabio people is Alabio duck. Alabio duck is also Indian runner which color is brown and chocolate. The male is more beautiful color. There is black-beetle color in the wing and the head. The head and feet color is black or orange. People believe this duck is descendant of Japanese duck and Peking duck.
Like other Indian runner, this duck is a good layer that can produce up to 250 eggs a year. 

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicken for dummies: The basic books for beginner chicken lover

If you want raise chicken but you have no knowledge about it, you can read some book. The book explains about the chicken exactly.
First section, the book explains the joy of chicken. I like raise chicken because it can give us meat and eggs. How about you? Do you like chicken? If you do not like chicken, I suggest you not to raise the chicken. You will be mad after raise chicken.
The book explains about how to build chicken coops. Chicken coops are the most important part in raising chicken. Your chicken needs the house for sleeping or nesting. The book explains about the material for chicken coop or chicken pens.
Surely, you will get knowledge about chicken food. How many times we should feed them.
What kind chicken that is suitable for your backyard? There is some review about the chicken. Some chicken may be suitable.
The last part of the book contains the tips for keeping healthy and stress free chicken. it is important for the beginner who never raise any chicken.

I hope you can enjoy read the book. If you have no money, you can learn from my blog. This blog also provides some information about the blog.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sussex Chicken : The Oldest dual-purpose chicken in England

As where it’s get name, Sussex chicken comes from Sussex, England. This chicken is believed as the first chicken breed in England. The chicken is a popular chicken breed in the world.

They have at least eight color variations such as, Brown, white, speckled, buff, light, red, silver, and coronation. The coronation color is the latest color of the Sussex; while, the white is the most rare Sussex.
The chicken has single wide comb and the earlobes are red. The eye is orange to yellow. The feet are yellow without feathers on it.

This chicken is so fat weighing 4.1 kg; while, the hen is only 2.5 kilogram. The cockerel or the teenage male is 3.5 kilogram while the teenage female is 2.5 kilogram.Due its heavy body, this chicken is risen for its meats beside the eggs. The skin si yellow that people likes it very much.

This chicken is good for your backyard.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to raise chicken with Fish

In my country, some farmer raises broiler chicken above the fish pond. The fish will get from chicken feces and also the chicken food that fall to the pond.
With this kind farm, the farmer gets benefit from chicken and fish. From limited land, they can raise two kinds animal that produce fish, chicken meat, and eggs. The farmer also raises layer chicken or landrace layer chicken that produces less eggs.
The fish the suitable for the pond is food fish such as carper, catfish, gourami, pacu, cichlids, and other. The best fish for this farm is catfish because it can stand with bad water. The fish is tolerance with high nitrate water that is caused by the feces. Catfish is also glutton fish that can eat anything. The farmer often feed the dead chicken. Some chicken died due to disease. The farmer burns the chicken and feed them. The catfish will attack it.
Some shrimp farmer also builds chicken coops above the pond. The farmer raises Vanamee shrimp that grows fast. They raise broiler chicken at the coops. In my country, they just raise broiler for 30 to 40 days only.
It is impossible to cover all ponds with the coops. The farmer should leave some spaces for the pond. The pond needs sun light too so the plankton can grow. Plankton is one of the fish foods.
The farmer also should limit the chicken. If the chicken produces more feces that fish can eat. It will harm to the fish.
The chicken needs strong pillar. The farmer usually uses stone or concrete for it. Some farmers prefer bamboo as the pillar that can stand up to five years. The farmers stab the bamboo to the pond bottom. The bamboo should be strong because they have to support the heavy chicken coops.
This farm may not cheap but it is cheaper than buying or renting a land.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Artificial Insemination in Poultry: Increase the hatching eggs

A cock can fertilize 6 to 10 hens in flocks. With the cock, the hens produce fertile eggs that can hatch after 21 days hatching process. It will be difficult to produce fertile eggs if we have more hens than the roosters. Let says, I a flocks there are 40 hens with one roosters only. I think the rosters will not able to fertile the hens even you give it Viagra.
To overcome it, you can do artificial insemination in poultry. It is not easy. You have to message the chicken back to release the sperm. It needs time to learn it. It is better to collect the sperm at early morning.  Do not let the sun shine the sperm that could damage the quality of it.
Mix the sperm Nacl normal saline at ratio 1:10. The sperm is only 5 ml so you can use 50 ml NaCl. In my country, some breeder use chicken yolk sac or green coconut water.
Inject the sperm to the hens. You can use the sperm mix for 30 hens.
With artificial insemination, the hens will not be suffered with the male pressure; while, the roosters does not need to fertile so many hens.
We can cross any chicken that we like to produce high quality breed or improve the breed quality.
In my country, the breeder uses this method to produce bekisar chicken. Bekisar is a descendant of green jungle rooster (Gallus Varrius) and landrace hens (Gallus domesticus. The Rooster is a wild chicken that is difficult to tame. It is also difficult to match it with landrace hens. The Rooster is nervous and does not dare with bigger hens. Some hens often bully the roosters too.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Red Cap Derbyshire : Triple Purpose chicken from Derbyshire, England

Redcap Derbyshire is a Chicken breed from Derbyshire, England. The chicken is the dexcendant of so many chicken breed such as Golden Spangled Hamburg, Dorking, Old English Pheasant Fowl, and Black Breasted Red Games.
The Redcap has rose comb that is length 7 cm. The cap looks beautiful. Derbyshire color is black breasted red or partridge. The sickle feather is short like other England chicken breed. Both female has similar to its crescent tail feather.
It looks fat due its thick feather. The roosters weigh 4.1 kilogram and the hen weighs 3.4 kilogram. The young rooster or cockerel can reach weighs 3.7 kilogram, meanwhile the hen weighs 3.1 kilogram. This is a heavy chicken that can produce meat and eggs well. Due to its beautiful feather and crown, this chicken is considered as exhibition chicken.
It is docile and can adapt easily. This chicken is also good for your backyard. However, the hen does not go broody.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Sex Guinea Fowl fowl is a domesticated fowl from Africa Sahara that is very beautiful. They have black and white spot feather. In Africa, Farmer raises this bird intensively. It produces more eggs than chicken.
Some people are confused with the bird sex. All fowl look same. We are difficult to determine whether the bird male or female.
My aunt, a guinea fowl breeder, said that the male has larger horn than the female. We can see the horn at the top of the fowl. The male usually is larger than the female. Perhaps, you have idea about the guinea fowl sex. Please share your experience and knowledge here.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crowned Goura: Pigeon that has crown

This pigeon is bit different with rock pigeon due to its crown. The crown feather likes a fan which is blue and white in color. The beak is black dark and the eye is red in color. There is small triangle that surrounds its eye.  The feather is dominantly blue; meanwhile, the wing is red maroon in color. It is difficult to different the sex because both female and male look same. However, the male usually has larger than the female.

They live at lowland jungle at Papua, Indonesia. This bird is terrestrial bird that find the food at the land.

This is the largest pigeon. It is 70 cm in length.

The female just lays one egg that is why this becomes rare. Both parents will hatch the baby for 30 days. They make nest at tree.

The illegal hunting decreases its population. People hunt it for its meat and beautiful feather.
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Photo Source : merec0