Sunday, December 26, 2010

Egyptian Fayoumi : A Productive laying eggs Hen from Egypt

Egyptian Fayoumi is an Egyptian chicken breed. This chicken origin is Fayoumi Governorate, Southwest of Cairo. This chicken is tiny or small class breed. The roosters weigh only two kilos or (4.5 pound); while, the hen weighs 1.6 kilo (3.5 pound). Rosters have silver heads, neck, back and saddle. The rest color is black white barred.
It has moderately large single comb, red double wattles, and red earlobes. The feet are black in color and no feather. The bird is hardy. It can resist to viral and bacterial infection.
In my country, people called it as Arabian Chicken. The first people imported this chicken from Saudi Arabian. We use this chicken to produce egg only. They can produce eggs up to 250 like other commercial egg laying chicken. Unfortunately, the egg is small like their body. This bird cannot hatch the eggs to or they are not likely go broody. In my country, farmer care the chicken for organic eggs. They can live at free range area. They have reputation as good foragers. The farmer also crosses this chicken with other best laying chicken to increase the eggs production.
Even this bird is superior but this bird has been not recognized by American Poultry Association
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Pelung Chicken : The Chicken whose has beautiful crow

This chicken is the tallest. Some Rooster tall can reach 75 cm. They have long shank and neck. The feather is thick unlike European or American Chicken breed. The beak is so strong. It has strong feet too. The feet are clean and it has no feather. The feet color is various, such as yellow, black, white and khaki. The Rooster has spurs. The performance is so horrible but this chicken is very calm.

The Pelung's skin is yellow in color. Some roosters has red coloration in the chest.

Most Pelung roosters are partridge in color. The other color variation is mottled, black-beetle, red-brown, and others. The hen color is partridge, red brown, or black-beetle in color.

As a Pets
Pelung is exhibition chicken. Some municipal in West Java, Indonesia often organize Pelung exhibition. The best chicken is the chicken whose has long and beautiful crow.
Before the exhibition, the owner feed human food to this chicken such as eggs, honey, eel, rice, and others. The owner thinks it can make the chicken strong.
Beside as pets, some farm raises this chicken for its meat. This chicken is very big. I have heard that the chicken weigh could reach 10 kilograms or 20 pounds. They cross the chicken with Bangkok Chicken, Indonesian Native Chicken, and Broiler.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old English game bantam

This bantam is domesticated in English and developed from English game that is a pit roosters.

According to Wikepedia, this is the smallest bantam in the world, weighing 650 gram.  Actually, there is the smallest bantam in the world, weighing less than 500 grams. The bantam is Serama Bantam from Malaysia. This is a hybrid bantam.

The chicken have so many color variations such as partridge, silver, gray, barred, Columbia, white, buff, black, duckwing, cuckoo, and others. Some Old English has frizzled feather.

Like other bantams, this chicken has short feet relative to its body. The bantam has single wide comb, double wattles, and white earlobes. Some Old English has rose comb that is uncommon in bantam variety.

This chicken is very tame like mostly bantam. In my opinion, English Old game fowl is similar to Dutch Bantam. Perhaps, it is a descent of Red Jungle Fowl.

Photo by : AlishaV

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Campine Chicken: Belgian Show Chicken

Campine is a chicken that comes from Campine region. Belgium. This is the exhibition chicken due its beautiful feather. The chicken has two color variations i.e. silver and golden. The silver has clean white silver color in neck, while the body color is black-green with silver hackles. The golden has similar pattern with the silver. The chicken is almost similar to Egyptian Fayoumi. The rooster feather is almost similar to hen. The rooster has saddle and longer tail feather.

This chicken is very nervous and it is difficult to hand the chicken. This is not good for backyard chicken.

This is a small chicken breed, weighing 2.7 kg for rosters and 2.3 for the hen in average. There is bantam type that is suitable for small cages. The bantam rooster is 680 gram in weigh and the hen is 570 gram.

Despite of its small body, this chicken lays many eggs. The hen can lays up to 250 eggs in a month. Unfortunately, the chicken eggs are not big as commercial chicken layer eggs.

Either the rooster or the hens have single wide color. It is uncommon for chicken because the comb reflects the masculine. Although it has wide comb, this chicken is hardy winter.  The chicken has double wattles and white earlobes. The pupil is dark in color. The feet are clean and dark in color.

Photo by : AlishaV

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to breed blue silky bantam

Blue silky bantam is the rarest silky bantam types. It is not easy to produce the chicken because it is not pure color. The Blue silky is derived from white silky and black silky. If you want produce blue silky chicken, you can do like this.

1. Prepare the coop that is suitable for some chicken. You need small coop, due the small body chicken. A Silkie need at least four square feet live spaces. Facilitate them with nest box

2. Find the mature rooster and hen of silkie bantam. The chicken must be health. Check the body of chicken whether it has defect that generate to the chick. If you want produce standard show silkie, you should find the standard

3. Feed them with poultry commercial food. You can also give them with cracked corn. Put the chicken food at food dishes

4. In couple month, the hen will lay the eggs. Silky has good reputation in hatching the eggs. you may lets the chicken hatch the eggs. Do not put more than seven eggs in a clutch because the hen is small and it could not hatch all the eggs. You can hatch the eggs with small incubator.

5. Separate the hen whose has chick from the rooster. You can also separate the chick from the mom if you want your hen lay the eggs again.

6. Clean the cage periodically to protect your chicken from disease.

Photo by: Alisha V

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Booted Bantam - Booted Dutch Bantam

As guess its name, the chicken has booted in their feet. The feather grows around the feet and shank. This ornamental or exhibition chicken comes from Netherland. That is why it is also called Booted Dutch Bantam. This chicken is related with Belgian Bantam. We can see both bantams have booted feet. The difference between two bantams is that The Belgian Bantam is rumples or tailless.
Weighing 850 grams for the male and 750 grams for the female, this chicken is classified as bantam class. Like other bantam, they have wide breast, downward pointing wing, and almost horizontal long tail.
It has single wide comb with five points, small earlobes, and double wattles. They have color variation such as : Millefleur, blue, black, barred, buff, cuckoo, Columbian, gray, Lemon millefleur, lavender, golden neck, porcelain, white and millefleur self.
This chicken is suitable for backyard pet, due its calm and tame behavior. The chicken is good foragers too and it can control the weed and grass population at the backyard. The hens are good mother. They can hatch the eggs. The hen lays small white or tinted egg.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nankin Chicken - Chinese Bantam Chicken

It is a bantam type chicken from Chinese. The rooster weighs 608 grams and a hen wieghs 540 gram. Nanking is bantam only. As guess its name, this small chicken origin is Nankin, Chinese. It is imported in 16th centuries to Great Britain.

The chicken is blue in color. The beak and feet is blue in color. The comb type is single and rose. the single type comb nankin could not live at cold region because the frost bite may attack the single comb.

The chicken is a game bird or ornamental bird. This chicken is not good for meat production due to its size and carcass quality. The hen often go broody and is a good mother.  You can use this chicken to hatch other chicken eggs. This chicken is good to at your backyard.