Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tips on how to select egg-laying chicken breed

To produce more eggs in your backyard, you have to select the right chicken. There are so many chicken breeds that you can choose. You can consider some factors before buying the hen. Here are the things that you should consider:

1. Dual purpose or layer
Some dual purpose can lay many eggs, such as, Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire Red, and Rhode Island Red The rooster has good meat and you can sell the meat. After retired from laying, you can sell the old hen.

2. The egg shield
Most chicken lay brown shielded eggs. If you want other color shield, you should raise certain chicken breed. To produce white eggs, you can raise chicken breed, such as, Catalana, Leghorn, and more. If you want produce blue eggs or Easter eggs, you can raise Araucana and Ameraucana. Some hen lay green egg too.
Egg shield color does not represent the nutrition content.

3. Winter layer
In winter, most chicken does not lay. They rest during the winter. However, some breed can lay in winter, such as, Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire red, and Rhode Island Red. The chicken breed give you benefit even in winter.

4. The potential egg
Some chicken breed can lay up to 300 eggs such as, white leghorn. The dual purpose also lay over 250 eggs in a year.

5. The weigh eggs
Some chicken breeds lay big eggs but some other lay small eggs.

6. The conversion rate
The conversion rate is the ability of the hen to convert the chicken feed to the eggs. The efficient chicken which can produce more eggs with fewer chicken feed is very good.

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