Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to produce quail eggs

Quail can produces delicious eggs too. We can make quail egg soup or we can fry it. Quail is the faster egg layer because it can lay at six week age. If you want fresh egg everyday, you can raise some quail layer.

  1. Provide the pen for the layer. You just need small pen for this bird 
  2. Feed them with layer special food. Do not forget to provide water for the layer.
  3. Clean the cage periodically.
  4. Use the light to make the quail comfort.
  5. Collect the eggs three times a day. Keep the egg clean from feces, quail food or water. Save the eggs at eggs cartoon.
  6. If you want produce fertile eggs, you must add the cock in the pen. A Health cock can serve three quail hens.  

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